A bath transformation.

The bathroom on the first floor of our house was sandwiched between two bedrooms, in a suite off of the living room. When we decided to put our bedroom and living space on the first floor, the first thing we knew we needed was a two-sink vanity. The current bathroom layout only had room for one sink, and had the doorway entering into the hallway between the two bedrooms. To gain space, we took out a small closet that jutted into the bathroom, made that closet door the main bathroom door (entered through our bedroom), and closed off the original doorway, which gave us enough room to put in a vanity with a double sink. Here’s the before and all of the changes we made:

  • Removed bulkhead and bathtub, turned into walk-in shower with glass panel
  • Opened up closet space next to bathtub for new entryway
  • New lighting, both recessed and pendants around vanity
  • 60″ vanity with two sinks (we used a Madeli sink top and built a custom base to fit the space, which was a fun woodworking project!)

I wish I had taken more photos of the demo process for this bathroom. The tile was VERY well-secured to the wall with a layer of concrete, and then backed by a metal mesh against the studs. Quite a messy, physically intensive process to remove. After attempting some demo myself, I finally decided to ask our contractors to help with this room so I could focus on other areas of the house.

A few more shots of the space below.

Since we were redoing the entire house, our budget was tight, and there were a lot of costs (rewiring almost the every room, all new plumbing, including a new stack in the basement). For this bath, I opted to splurge on the hardware, which I LOVE (hardware from Brizo, called Levior in Luxe Gold finish), and cut back by using some more simple tile. The wall-mounted faucets were quite tricky and we actually had to redo them after they were installed because they didn’t line up with the centers of the sinks the first time around…but second time around was perfect! The basically bare walls leave space down the road for some fun wallpaper, but I wanted to live with the room for a while before I made a decision on a design.

I have to admit, I’m kind of in love with this vanity. It’s definitely not perfect, since it was the first thing I had built in a long time and didn’t have all the right tools at my disposal, but it’s a really cool feeling to be able to use something in such a normal, every day way that you have put your time and grit into building, exactly to fit your needs and your space. And it was a project I could work on with my dad, which was a bonus.

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